Sunday, January 25, 2015

MAC Eyeshadow Collection

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Collection

(From left to right)
Row 1: Jest, Honey Lust, All That Glitters, Honesty, Retrospeck, Crystal Avalanche
Row 2: Mulch, Brun, Clue, Yogurt, Pink Venus, Creme de Violet
Row 3: Contrast, Tilt, Aquadisiac, Swimming, Digit, Mi' Lady

My MAC eyeshadow collection has grown slowly over the past few years. MAC Cosmetics was one of the first brands I went to for eyeshadow and not necessarily because of quality, which is really good, but because it is what my Mom and sister used.
This collection has eyeshadows that have been passed down (ignore the fact that eyeshadows expire, right? Don't they?) from my sister while we were growing up in the late 90s. Luckily a lot of the eyeshadows that I thought looked awesome when I was thirteen have come full circle with the current trends so it looks like I'll get more use out of my bright purples and pinks at some point.

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Collection Labeled

Lately in my beauty craze I have really been branching out in my eyeshadows. At the $16 price point for 1.5g of product in each of MAC's eyeshadows I have been struggling to purchase them on my own. With such great competitors who have great quality for cheaper I have since been eyeing brands like NYX, Morphé, and MakeupGeek to get my eyeshadows. I was also gifted an Urban Decay palette which has allowed me to see what eyeshadows at a similar price point.

My favorite MAC shadows are All That Glitters, Brun, Honey Lust, and Aquadisiac.

My next eyeshadow purchase will definitely be a cranberry color.

What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows? What other brands do you prefer for eyeshadows?


  1. Brittany Morrison1/31/2015

    Okay so lately my Mac obsession has transferred over to lipsticks! I'm still trying to gauge what colors I like on me, but I should look into the Mac pigments. I have one called Tan that is a beautiful gold color. I LOVE IT. And they last for years!!!! Seriously I've had this one since college and it's probably a quarter gone. They have other colors offered and I've been told people use them for various makeup projects but I loved using Tan as an easy eyeshadow. I usually blend it with "bronze" on my eye and since I have brown eyes I think it complements it well.

    1. Definitely love MAC lipsticks. I have also heard great things about the pigments. I was worried about how much you would get out of a loose product but it's so great to hear they last so long! I'll definitely do some shopping soon. :)