Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Search for the Perfect Sofa

After the long-winded search for the perfect couch we finally found it. First let’s talk about our old couch; you remember the one, the college loveseat that you bought because your roommate was buying one. It made sense. You would both buy a loveseat, not too big, not to small, and you can each take one when you move. Five years later this beige, lumpy, stained, bulky, cat-clawed, cushion-spitting loveseat just isn’t cutting it. Not to mention that two seats are certainly not enough for two adults, a dog, and two cats to all sit comfortably. Not to mention that we’re lazy couch sitters; mostly laying on each other instead of sitting upright.

Old College Loveseat

See what I mean? We needed something cleaner and lighter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Products I Loved in January

January is coming to an end and it was the perfect time to compile a few of the products that I have been absolutely loving this past month.

January Favorites - All

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pretty little things.

Recently I have had a hard time saying yes to something when I'm shopping. I have become far too picky. It's either too overpriced, not great quality, or I won't like it in a few years. YEARS. I must be losing my mind. I need to treat myself at some point but until I can get out of my shopping rut, I'll just online window shop.

Here are some things I'm eyeing:

Jaded London Mermaid Sequin Bomber

Jaded London - Mermaid Sequin Bomber - $160 

MAC Eyeshadow Collection

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Collection

(From left to right)
Row 1: Jest, Honey Lust, All That Glitters, Honesty, Retrospeck, Crystal Avalanche
Row 2: Mulch, Brun, Clue, Yogurt, Pink Venus, Creme de Violet
Row 3: Contrast, Tilt, Aquadisiac, Swimming, Digit, Mi' Lady

My MAC eyeshadow collection has grown slowly over the past few years. MAC Cosmetics was one of the first brands I went to for eyeshadow and not necessarily because of quality, which is really good, but because it is what my Mom and sister used.